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Lombardic Italy. Uncertain king (Cleph to Authari) or Interregnum (574-584 AD). AR Quarter Siliqua, struck in the name of Justin II. Uncertain Italian mint. Obv. Blundered legend. Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev. Staurogram with broad open bars; six rayed star on either side; all within wreath. MIB X 5; Cf. MEC 1, 295-7 (in the name of Justinian I); BMC Vandals p. 126, 16; Arslan -. AR. 0.51 g. 12.00 mm. RR. Very rare and choice. Crude style, lovely glossy cabinet tone. Minor die break on reverse, otherwise good VF/About EF. Cleph (572-574) succeeded Alboin, to whom he was not related by blood. He extended the Lombard dominion over all of Northern Italy, Tuscany and brought Lombard authority to the gates of Ravenna. He was assassinated by a slave he had mistreated. His death was followed by a ten-year interregnum, known as the Rule of the Dukes. His son, Authari, took the throne in 58 AD.
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