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Ostrogothic Italy, Theoderic as kings of the Goths (474-493). AV Solidus, in the name of Zeno. Uncertain mint (Ticinum?). Obv. DN ZENO PERP AVG. Pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing slightly right, holding spear and shield. Rev. VICTORIA AVGGG S. Victory standing left, holding long cross; star to right; in exergue, CONOBR (BR ligate). Lacam II, pl. CCII, type 2, 2 (about the exergue, cf. p. 860, fig. 30, ex. 2); BMC Vandals -; Kraus -; MEC -; RIC -. AV. 4.44 g. 20.50 mm. RR. Very rare and in excellent condition for issue. Insignificant hair-line reverse die break, brilliant and nicely toned. About EF.
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