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Greek Italy. Southern Apulia, Tarentum. AR Nomos, c. 240-228 BC. Xenokrates magistrate. Obv. Bearded strategos on horse walking left, wearing short tunic and chlamys, raising right hand in salutation, parazonium under left arm; ΞΕ-ΝΟΚΡΑ/Τ-ΗΣ under horse’s raised foreleg; above, monogram TPK and helmet. Rev. [T]AΡAΣ. Phalanthos riding dolphin left above line of waves, holding trident with right hand and drapery with left; ΣΩ monogram in right field, cuttlefish to right of waves. Cf. HN Italy 1058; Vlasto 959; SNG ANS 1259. AR. 6.53 g. 20.00 mm. From masterly engraved dies, brilliant and superb. Slight obverse die shift and insignificant hairline reverse die break, otherwise EF.

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