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Time of Tiberius. AE Spintria, c. 22-37 AD. Obv. Erotic scene : "A man kneeling left, making love to a woman reclining right on a couch; he strokes her chest below the breasts with his right hand and supports her right leg with his left hand; she supports herself on the couch with her right arm but throws her left arm back over her head; footstool under couch, drapery hanging in background". (Gemini 1, 2005, 308). Rev. Numeral V within circle of dots and laurel wreath. Buttrey NC 1973, A3 / V; Simonetta-Riva scene 8a. AE. 4.16 g. 20.00 mm. RR. Very rare and in exceptionally fine condition for issue. Reddish brown patina. About EF.
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