Outstanding Tarentum Nomos
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Greek Italy. Southern Apulia, Tarentum. AR Nomos, c. 302-280 BC. Nikodamos, Eu-, and Aga-, magistrates. Obv. Nude warrior, wearing crested helmet and shield on left arm, holding rein in right hand, on horse advancing left; retrograde EY to left; NIKO/ΔAM/OΣ in three lines below. Rev. Phalanthos, holding grape bunch by branch in extended right hand and cradling distaff in left arm, riding dolphin left; TAPAΣ to left; to right, cock standing left; AΓA below. HN Italy 970; Vlasto 707; SNG ANS -. AR. 786.00 g. 22.00 mm. Great metal and full weight. An outstanding example, sharply struck and perfectly centred on a broad flan, brilliant and lightly toned. EF.
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