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Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus with Romanus II (945-959 AD). AV Solidus, Constantinople mint, 959-963 AD. Obv. +IhS XPS REX REGNANTIЧM. Facing bust of Christ Pantocrator, wearing tunic, himation and a cross nimbus, raising right hand in benediction and holding Gospel book. Rev. COnSTAnT CE ROmAn *[...]. Crowned facing busts of Constantine VII, bearded and wearing loros on the left, and Romanus II, beardless and wearing chlamys on the right; both holding, between them with their right hands, a long patriarchal cross. D.O. 15; Sear 1751. AV. 4.39 g. 20.00 mm. R. Rare. Obverse surface break, with delamination flaw, otherwise good VF.
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