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Anastasius I (491-518). AV Solidus, Constantinople, c. 507-508. DN ANASTASIVS PP AVC. Helmeted and cuirassed bust three-quarter facing to right, holding spear and shield. / VICTORIA AVCCC H. Victory standing left, holding long staff ending with Chi Rho-gram inverted; to left, star; in exergue, CONOB. D.O. 6; MIB 6; Sear 4. AV. 4.45 g. 20.50 mm. RR. Very rare, brilliant and superb. EF. This issue marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Christ celebrated in 500 AD. according to the Anno Domini Eras calculated by Dionysius Exigius (Cf. MIRB 01.12.2009, lot 3047 and note).
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