Lotto 3: Greek Italy. Etruria. Aes rude Uncia, 4th century BC. D/ Countermark, X. R/ Uncertain countermark, crescent (?). Vecchi ICC 2.2 (NAC 7, 1994, 282) L. Milani, Due depositi dell'età del bronzo di Campiglia d'Orcia, RIN 31, 1908, p. 455 fig. 10 and 11. AE. g. 24.52 RR. mm. 28x17x10. Very rare. Untouched earthen dark green patina. VF. "Aes rude in the form of irregular shapes of no particular weight standard have been found all over central Italy. This from Etruria is of about the weight of a libral uncia and the cross and crescent countermarks are similar to the symbols on the struck bronze of Populonia" (cf. Vecchi EC I, 133,26 ff.) (NAC 7, 1994, 282 note).
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