Lotto 3: Celtic World. Northeast Gaul, Morini. AV Quarter Stater, "Boat Tree Type", c. 58-50 BC. D/ Boat with two masts or stylized standing figures. R/ Central bar bisected by rooted tree; bent line below, crescent and three-pronged ornament (heart?) in exergue. Van Arsdell 69-1; ABC 40; SCBC 10; D&T 249. AV. g. 1.47 mm. 10.00 R. Rare. VF/Good VF. This coin belongs to a series that is well deserving of serious research. Both English and French scholars have contributed to the publication of numerous varieties, but one really needs a full synthesis of current knowledge. The issuing tribe is uncertain, but the Ambiani, Morini, Cantiaci, and Trinovantes have all been postulated. The reverse type is variously described as a Celtic tree or a Roman trophy, and the numerous obverse symbols (line of pellets, pellet-in-ring, eye, floret, digamma, various letters and monograms) have not been properly categorized. (CNG 238, 5 note).
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