Lotto 13: Greek Italy. Etruria, Volaterrae. AE Cast Dupondius, Semi-libral standard, 3rd century BC. D/ Janiform head, beardless, of Culsans, wearing pointed petasus. R/ Club; I-I (mark of value) across field; around, velaθri. Vecchi ICC 135; HN Italy 109 a; Vecchi EC II, 8 (forthcoming); Haeb. pls. 83, 1-6 and 97,2. AE. g. 270.30 mm. 74.00 RR. An outstanding example of this very rare and fascinating issue. Earthen emerald green patina, with brown spots. VF/Good VF. Although there was a hoard of aes grave from Volaterrae dispersed by Münzen und Medaillen in the early 1970s, apparently there were not many examples of this type as the number of extant specimens in 1979 (when Thurlow and Vecchi published their work) was only nine. (Triton VI, 25 note).
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