Lotto 72: Greek Italy. Southern Lucania, Sybaris. AR Triobol, c. 446-440 BC. D/ Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet, decorated with wreath. R/ Bull standing right, head left; all within shallow incuse circle. HN Italy 1751. SNG ANS 862-8. AR. g. 1.14 mm. 13.00 R. Rare. Lightly toned. About VF/VF. This coin is from the fourth founding of Sybaris in 446 BC, accomplished with Athenian aid. In 444 BC the city received additional colonists from Athenian territories. This mixing of peoples is reflected in the types chosen for the city's coins: Athena taking the obverse while the bull of Sybaris is on the reverse. Circa 440 BC disputes arose and the Sybarites were once again expelled. (CNG 350, 20 note).
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