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Greek Coins. Greek Italy. Southern Apulia, "Hydruntum". AE 14 mm. 3rd century BC. Obv. Head of Herakles right. Rev. Club between bow and quiver. Garrucci Tav. XCVII, 4 var. (head left). AE. g. 2.06 mm. 14.00 RR. Very rare. Earthen green brown patina. About VF/VF.

A very interesting coin, assigned (in error?) to Hydruntum (Otranto) by Garrucci and by Ratto. About the issue, cf. HN Italy, HYDRUN TUM, p. 89: "Rare bronze coins with obv. Heracles, rev. Bow and club attributed to this mint (e. g. by Ratto 25 January 1926,358), have been shown to be misread coins of Dyrrachium (Sambon, Recherches, p. 231)".

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