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Lotto 63: Greek Italy. Northern Apulia, Arpi. AE 17 mm. c. 300-250 BC, coutermarked c. 213 BC. D/ Laureate head of Zeus left; on the head, ROMA downwards, within incuse countermark. R/ Horse rearing left; star above, monogram below. Host coin: HN Italy 644. AE. g. 3.13 mm. 17.00 Unicum. Of the greatest historical interest. Unicum and unpublished. Dark green patina, with reddish brown spots. VF. Tradition attributed the foundation of Arpi to Diomedes, and it continued to be a ruled by a clan claiming descent from him. About 320 it allied with Rome, after a period of conflict with Daunians. Arpi remained loyal to Rome until 216, when the ruler Dazos defected to Hannibal after the battle of Canne. In 213 the consul Q. Fabius Maximus, son of the famous homonymous dictator, reconquered the area; Dazos was removed from power and the city, treated severely, went into decline.
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