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Etruria. Etruria, Central Etruria. AE 10 Units, incuse centesimal group, late 4th-3rd century BC. Obv. Bearded head of Tinia right, wearing strophion or narrow taenia; [behind X]. Border of dots within wreath. Rev. Incuse fish right within incuse border of waves. Vecchi EC I, series 12 (these dies). Vecchi IV, 36. HN Italy 86. Sambon -. AE. g. 4.08 mm. 19.00 RR. Very rare. Dark green patina. About VF/F. The group of rare Etruscan bronze issues with incuse reverses clearly emanates from a single mint. Provenances from Cecina, Populonia, Vetulonia, Gravisca, Val d'Orcia, Ancarano and Valle Fuino provide no good evidence for the location of the mint. But there is no point of contact with any other issue and it is best not to guess. [...]. (N.K. Rutter, HN Italy p. 27).
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