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Italy. Northern Lucania, Posidonia. AR Stater, c. 470-445 BC. Obv. Poseidon advancing right, wearing chlamys and holding trident; to right, POME (retrograde); to left, ΣEILV. Rev. POΣEI (retrograde). Bull standing left on linear ground line. SNG Fitzwilliam 541. SNG ANS-. Cf. HN Italy 1114 note. Cf. Jameson 338 (for the obverse legend). AR. g. 7.88 mm. 18.00 RRR. Extremely rare and interesting type. Good metal, lightly toned. VF. 'The letter usually read as ΣEILV on the obverse… have been taken to refer to the river Silaros (mod. Sele), but M. Guarducci (Gli archeologi italiani in onore di A. Maiuri, Cava dei Tirreni 1965, pp. 203-217) reads MEΓVΛ and suggest that these may be the opening letters of the name of the oecist of Poseidonia (MEΓYΛOΣ, METYΛΛOΣ or MEΓIΛΛIAΣ)'. (HN Italy, p. 109, 1144 note).
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