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A. Manlius Q.f. Sergianus. AR Denarius, 118-107 BC. Obv. Helmeted head of Roma right, bowl decorated with plumes; before, ROMA; behind, SER. Rev. Facing quadriga of Sol over waves; on either side, star. Above, X and crescent and in exergue, A. MANLI. Q. F. Cr. 309/1. B. 1. AR. g. 4.00 mm. 21.00 RR. About EF. The reverse refers to the successes of Cn. ManliusVulso in Asia and Greece in 189-188 BC. He brought into submission the Galatians, concluded a treaty with Anthiocus III of Syria and overrun Thrace, Macedonia and Epirus. The East is represented by the Sun-god in his chariot. (D.R. Sear, 'RSC', 1978, p. 61.). Very rare. Struck on a broad flan, in good metal. Lightly toned and exceptional for the issue.
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