Lotto 9: Italy. Calabria, Tarentum. Nomos, circa 272-240 BC. Obv. Naked youth crowning a horse standing to left, lifting its foreleg, EY to right, IΣTIAP below. Rev. TAPAΣ. Taras seated astride dolphin to left, holding trident and small Nike, crowning him; bunch of grapes with small leaf on right. Vlasto 843 (these dies). SNG ANS 1172. HN (Italy) 1026. AG. g. 6.44 mm. 20.00 EF. Lightly toned. Ex Jacob Hirsch, Munich, 2 July 1930, lot 109. Ex Moreira Collection, Part2, Superior Galleries, New York, 10-11 December 1988, lot 1713.
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