Lotto 17: Italy. Bruttium, Kaulonia. Nomos, circa 525-500 BC. Obv. KAVΛ. Naked Apollo advancing right, holding branch in his uplifted right hand and small naked running figure or daimon on his outstretched left arm; in field right on linear base, stag standing right, looking back. Rev. The same type incuse left, but branch and daimon in raised outline and no ethnic. HN (Italy) 2035. Noe, Group A, 22. SNG ANS 150. SNG München 1398. AG. g. 7.67 mm. 30.00 R. An insignificant minor area of oxidation on edge of reverse, at two to four o'clock. Good VF. Rare. A very attractive example of this well-known archaic masterpiece. Struck in excellent metal for the issue and lightly toned.
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